“Wealth Building with Defaulted 2nd Mortgages”

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“Wealth Building with Defaulted Second Mortgages” isn’t just a course, it’s a means to take action.

With 100+ pages of content that include case studies and sample documents, this course walks you through the entire note investing process, step-by-step.

Topics covered include “Where to Find Notes,” “Note Buyer Due Diligence,” “Borrower Management,” “Exit Strategies,” “Risk Concerns,” and “Recapitalization” among others.

Our purpose with the course is to provide investors with a thorough overview of the note business and to provide a solid framework for taking action.

The Course Training Includes:

Section 1: Introduction to Note Investing

In the course’s introductory section, readers will learn note investing basics to get them up to speed on note lingo, assets vs. liabilities, and the life cycle of an institutional note (both re-performing and non-performing). Other topics discussed in this section include:

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  • Active vs. Passive Investing
  • What is a Note?
  • The Different Types of Notes

The introductory section also includes the story of how PPR President and co-founder Dave Van Horn went from a being a traditional real estate investor and landlord to discovering notes and co-founding PPR on the cusp of the 2008 economic downturn.

Section 2: Performing Note Course

Before we talk about Non-Performing notes, an investor needs to understand the Performing (or re-performing) side of the note business). In fact, many investors start on the Performing side, receiving healthy returns while learning the business.

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In this section we cover the following topics:

  • The five major advantages of Performing Note Investing
  • Sources of capital for Performing Notes
  • The Financials of Note Investing – which features an in-depth case study where we evaluate and analyze a performing note.
  • Managing the risks that can come with Performing Notes, specifically evaluating senior lien status, equity, taxes, and insurance and how these factors could affect your deal.
  • FAQs about the Performing Note business.

Section 3: Non-Performing Note Course

Our robust Non-Performing Note portion of the Wealth Building course begins with how to find non-performing notes – offering various sources and strategies to acquire NPNs. We also discuss considerations when bidding on non-performers, specifically:

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  • Pool analysis
  • Business model
  • Capital
  • Experience
  • Other factors

What happens after a note buyer finds a NPN and places a bid? In the course we discuss note contracts and what to expect with a Note Sale Agreement and Collateral Transfer, plus key questions to ask the seller.

Non-Performing Note Due Diligence and note analysis come next, with an in-depth case study walking investors through the process of examining a note deal.

Our Risk Management section comes next and includes an exploration of the possible risk factors associated with senior liens, property value, attorneys, bankruptcy, taxes, insurance, vacancies and municipal liens, just to name a few.

In the Borrower Management section, we explain how to find and appropriately contact the borrower, how to discover the borrower’s intent, and different exit strategies, including: discounted loan payoff, payment plans, refinance, seller assistance, deed in lieu of foreclosure, foreclosure, and REO.

Last, we discuss how note investors can scale via Recapitalization. Not only does this section detail how to sell a note, it also explains how an investor can sell a partial note and complete a collateral assignment of note and mortgage.

Section 4: Sample Documents & Templates

The same ones PPR uses, including:

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  • Assignment of Deed of Trust
  • Billing Statement
  • List of Commonly Used Websites
  • Sample Credit Report
  • Sample Mortgage and Note
  • Sample Satisfaction of Mortgage and Deed


Additional Resources also include a complete Note Investing Glossary!

“Wealth Building with Defaulted 2nd Mortgages”

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