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The note buying process, simplified.

  • 1. Find Notes

    Buying direct from banks? Single notes or pools? Dealing with brokers? Sourcing from note funds (like ours)? Note investing is a learn-by-doing business, so this step may be the most important.

  • 2. Evaluate & Buy

    Once you find sources of notes, what then? Whether you're buying 1st or 2nd liens, performing or non-performing, knowing whether and how much to pay for an asset is an important skill.

  • 3. Workouts & Exits

    Buy and hold performing notes? Re-trade non-performers? Work toward borrower work-outs? Is it better to exit through the property? Managing multiple exit strategies is the most dynamic part of note investing.

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Who We Are

Dave Van Horn

Dave Van Horn


Our mission at PPR Note Academy is to share the knowledge and experience we’ve gained as note investors who have been involved with thousands of delinquent notes over the past decade. Our aims are to show other note investors a viable approach to the business of notes and to build a community of active note investors.

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